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(PDF) Concrete for high-rise buildings: Performance

An international case study on the Burj Khalifa (Dubai), the world's tallest building, was conducted. Findings from the case studies relating to compressive strength, pumping, pumpability

Design of Concrete Pavement (A Case Study of Farm Road

Design of Concrete Pavement (A Case Study of Farm Road, Along Zaria-Sokoto Road, Nigeria) Yusuf Babangida Attahiru. 1*, Rufa`i Aliyu Yauri. 2, Suleiman Abdulrahaman. 3. 1 Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero, P.M. 1144, Nigeria. 2 Faculty of Engineering, Information and


The term quality is defined as fitness for use (Juran, J.M. 1998). It is about achieving or going beyond customer expectations at a price that signifies a value to them (Harrington, H.J 2007). Qualities are checked for operating procedures and materials. As for an example, for operating procedures, the method of concrete pouring. In

Hydraulic Considerations in Pumping System Design

n •Energy dissipated due to friction and turbulence during pump operation •Major Losses (Friction Losses) • Due to friction between pumped water and inner surface of piping • H f = 3.02 L D-1.167 (V/C h)1.85 (Hazen-Williams Formula) where: • L is length of pipe (feet) • D is diameter of pipe (square feet) • V is mean velocity (fps) • C h is Hazen-Williams friction coefficient

Solar powered pumps to supply water for rural or isolated

Sep 01, 2009 · A small case study by an application of a solar powered pump to a deep well in Zambia was analysed. It was considered that a pump would supply water to a small aggregate of families of a small village. To simulate the case study, the PVSYST4 software (2006), was used. It is a PC software package for the study, sizing and data analysis of

Research on Dust Suppression Technology of Shotcrete Based

In order to reduce the dust hazard of shotcrete, the paper analyzed the mechanism of dust production from the perspective of various dust sources and developed the plunger-type wet spraying machinery and wet mixer which can be applied in the small-section tunnel for reducing dust on the root cause. The dust concentration between dry-mix shotcrete and wet-mix shotcrete was compared and analyzed.

Collaborative knowledge management—A construction case study

The work presented in the case study was carried out while the first author was employed by the case study organisation. A social web application was implemented to solve a particular knowledge sharing problem within the organisation's concrete pumping business.

(PDF) Burj Khalifa - A new high for high- Performance

The 828 m tall Burj Khalifa dominates the Dubai skyline and is the world's tallest structure by far – the first 586 m of the building is constructed from high-performance reinforced concrete

Climate and construction delays: case study in Chile

– Construction projects usually suffer delays, and the causes of these delays and its cost overruns have been widely discussed, the weather being one of the most recurrent. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the influence of climate on standard construction work activities through a case study., – By studying the extent at which some weather variables impede outdoor work from being

A Case Study on Ground Improvement Techniques And Its

A Case Study on Ground Improvement Techniques And Its Applications . Shanko Ayele 1 . The water pump provides water to sink the vibro-float into the ground by jetting action, as the vibro-float is low- A crane is used to lift a heavy concrete or steel block weighing up to 500 KN and up to a height of 40 to 50 meters, from this height

Assessing and Managing PCCP Water Transmission Mains

Apr 26, 2012 · Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) often plays an important role in the transmission systems for medium to large utilities. Although PCCP has been a very durable product, a number of sudden catastrophic PCCP failures have occurred throughout the U.S., most of which have stemmed from corrosion and subsequent failure of "Class IV" prestressing wire.

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• Case 2: The concrete to have at tained its full 28-day . A Case Study on the Premature Failure of a Cooling Water Pump Shaft. According to the case studies, it was observed that in the

Why would you even consider specifying a precast concrete

May 10, 2021 · San Jacinto River Authority pump station in Texas, Case Study – Water Treatment Pump Station Installation. The Cost and Time Savings of Precast Concrete Buildings. When the time frame for the project was too short for traditional construction methods, the San Jacinto River Authority turned to a precast concrete building solution for their pump station install in Baytown, Texas.

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Dec 08, 2018 · AJ's Concrete Pumping, Vancouver, B.C. | Scott Sutherland, Operations Manager. The Customer's Business. AJ's Concrete Pumping, a division of Sutherland Concrete…

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Case Study- Domestic Barn Conversion Air Source Heat Pump Install. Case Study- New Build Design, Air Source Heat Pump, Solar PV, Battery Storage, Mechanical & Electrical. Case Study- New Build Large Domestic Air Source Heat Pump. Case Study- Retrofit Domestic Solar PV & Air Source Heat Pump.

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Relocation of concrete manhole See Case Study. 64m 3 potable storage tank and 17m 3 pumping station See Case Study. Aminne Village See Case Study. Installation of Culverts at the Ngorongoro Crater See Case Study. 64m 3 emergency water tank See Case Study. Marsh Lane stormwater and sanitation drainage network

Reuse of concrete from contaminated structures (Technical

Jan 29, 1999 · @article{osti_764424, title = {Reuse of concrete from contaminated structures}, author = {Ayers, Kenneth W and Parker, Frank L and Abkowtiz, Mark D and Cohen, Mark and Aghara, Sukesh K and Boren, John K and Borkosky, Douglas D and Darnall, Nicole M and Deal, Tara A and Kim, Dean and Pagnani, Thomas and Russell, Clifford and Stephen, Amy}, abstractNote = {No abstract prepared.}, doi …

Factor analysis of H 2 S emission at a wastewater lift

Aug 16, 2012 · Monitoring H 2 S in the air. A portable OdaLog® H 2 S meter (SL model, App-Tek International, Australia) was used to examine the H 2 S concentration in the air phase and the air temperature inside the lift station. Calibration was performed by the manufacturer using standard concentrations of H 2 S in the range of 0 to 1000 ppmv. The lower detection level of the meter was 1 ppmv in this study.

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Mar 01, 2021 · AJ's Concrete Pumping Case Study December 8, 2018 AJ's Concrete Pumping, Vancouver, B.C. | Scott Sutherland, Operations Manager The Customer's Business AJ's Concrete Pumping, a division of Sutherland Concrete, operates a fleet of Putzmeister truck-mounted Z-boom pumps ranging from 58- to 24-meter, as well as High-Pressure Line Pumps.

Experimental and CFD Analysis Of Centrifugal Pump Impeller

Jun 13, 2013 · Mr. Jekim J. Damor, Prof. Dilip S. Patel, Prof. Kamlesh H.Thakkar, Prof. Pragnesh K. Brahmbhatt, 2013, Experimental and CFD Analysis Of Centrifugal Pump Impeller- A Case Study, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY (IJERT) Volume 02, …