join us for a magical night as we head online!

Herefordshire & Worcestershire Awards, October 2020

We know, because we know because we know, that there will be some incredible stories coming out of 2020 with all that's going on and so we need you to tell us about them! But we've just got to keep each other safe. Nominating is easy to do and nominations are open until 31st August 2020. Make sure you let us know about someone inspirational in your world, so we can celebrate them for the amazing humans they are!

And the best bit is, because we won't be limited by space in the room or geographical location, even relatives from the other side of the country or world will be able to tune right in and celebrate, too!

Whilst we're a little disappointed that we can't host the Awards in Herefordshire and Worcestershire in person, safety has to be our priority. However, as a charity we stand for valuing CAN when the world says you can't. We celebrate overcoming when the problems and difficulties are significant.  So why wouldn't we see this challenge as an opportunity for creativity and determination? Worcestershire and Herefordshire, this is our time to sprinkle the magic of Generation CAN across the internet, celebrating our winners far and wide!